Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Just Love The Holidays

With each day that passes I get more excited about the holidays. I love to see all the decorations in the neighborhood, so many people just go all out. You can feel the excitement when your out shopping and everyone seems to be friendlier by wishing you "Happy Holidays". What a great time of year this is! Then you're excited about what 2008 will bring. I think we all look forward to a new year filled with all sorts of possibilities.

I hope your enjoying the holidays and taking time to do all the things that mean the most to you and your family. It's such a wonderful time for family traditions and I love to hear what you do for Christmas Eve. So post a little note and share your holiday traditions and I am going to have a drawing for a sweet set of Petit Lumieres which are a Scandinavian tradition for Advent. Just post your name and I will pick the winner on Sunday, December 16th. My dear friend Cathy from Treasured Heirlooms, has asked me to run the contest a little longer. So I will do the drawing on Tuesday, December 18th. Thank you to all who have posted, I love reading about your Christmas Eve traditions.

Happy Holidays to all of you!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Michele, When the children were young we always saved Christmas Eve for the luminary tour in the surrounding neighborhoods. It was so beautiful to drive thru the lit up neighborhoods with the car lights off. Then we would come home and let the boys open up one present and it was always the red Christmas pajamas. The boys get it kick out of telling that story now. xo Lynn

Cathy said...

Hi Michele, I am more than happy to stop by your blog. I would love to win the give-away. Can I pick ANYTHING I want from your website? That would be really cool. I think I am going to have to get some ladies to come to your blog contest.


Cottage Collections said...

You got me here Cathy!
I think I love Christmas eve even better than Christmas day. When my girls were little they opened one gift on Christmas eve just like Lynn's boys. Just like when I was a child.
Now that the girls are grown, we get together with my sister and her family (quite a bunch!) and go to church, have dinner, our Yankee swap, a few other games and then gift exchange. Christmas eve festivities often run into the early morning. Christmas Day is quieter but still festive. We either have dinner at my house or my sister's house.

GEORGIA said...

Hi Michele!
Loved my visit to your blog!
When I was about 7 yrs old, my Dad/Santa went out on Christmas Eve to put air in the tires of my new bike and was hit on the road by a drunk driver. Dad was hurt pretty bad and ended up in the hospital for over 2 months...but thanks to God's plan, we didn't lose him! When Mom rushed out to the hospital, she had a neighbor come stay with me and my 2 brothers and told her to let us open all our gifts....that started our family tradition of opening everything on Christmas Eve and only the Santa gifts were left for Christmas Day! I have spent my adult life with my family coming to my home for gifts on Christmas Eve, church and food, food, food!! Worked well since my DH's family celebrated on Christmas Day!! The family is much smaller now but we continue the way we always have!!
PS....I didn't ride the bike for 2 years!!!
I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Michele,

Love your blog! I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood and Christmas. We used to get all dressed up and as soon as midnight came...one of the grown ups pretended to be Santa and handed out the gifts. My kids still believe in Santa so I treasure it because before I know it they will be all grown up.
This really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Janet's Creative Pillows

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Michele, your friend Cathy pointed in me in your direction and I am so pleased to find you. Lovely!!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Garden Chick said...

Christmas Eve we go to our traditional church service and then come home and eat! We also unwrap a few gifts and everyone goes to bed with expectations for a fun-filled Christmas day!

Dolly said...

Hi Michele, love your blog!

Christmas eve we spend with hubbys family, doing dinner and opening gifts, then to midnight mass!
Its crazy hectic but I would'nt change a thing!

Merry Christmas,
Hugz, Dolly

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

HI Michele,
What at lovely blog you have. I'm so happy to stop by a visit for a moment. I remember the wonderful Christmases of my youth. I loved that we always opened our new jammies on Christmas Eve. It always felt so special to wear them overnight and into Christmas morning. Thank you for Cathy for sending me over to join your blog contest. Lovely!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Michele! Congratulations on your website! I cant wait to go visit you :) I am having a contest on my blog too, please come and sign up!
My husband and I have five little boys. On Christmas Eve, Chad and the boys always watch A Christmas Carol together. While they do that, I make the breakfast casserole to eat on Christmas morning.
One of my favorite traditions is that for the whole month of December, every weekend, we snuggle up together and watch a different Christmas movie with hot chocolate and one of those big tins of popcorn!
This is just a couple of our favorite traditions!
Merry Christmas :)
Bunny Rose Cottage

Lisa said...

Michele ~ I can remember when we were younger we would gather around the foil tree, you know the silver one with the multicolored wheel! It was Christmas Eve and my parents would let us each open one gift. It was so exciting. I can remember acting silly and jumping around with the anticipation of what would come on Christmas Day. Now I watch my own children do the same things. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Whimsy Pink said...

hey sis~ Oh my those candles are just beautiful! Christmas eve is always busier for us then christmas day! I love christmas very much!I hope you have a special christmas sis! love ya! ,lil sis

windycindy said...

"Happy Holidays!" Congratulations on your beautiful website. There was a cul de sac about 45 minutes from where I lived as a child. The neighborhood all decorated their homes in a special way! Most of the large front windows had several types of moving Christmas Santas,elves,
animal,whatever you could think of.
As you drove through, your felt like you were in a Magical Land! Thanks,Cindi

Sentimental Roses said...

Hi Michele, I love your blog! Christmas Eve at my house starts with going to church than we all come home to eat some goodies. Later on we all get to open one little present! Usually it is than followed by watching some Christmas movies!

Cathy said...

Looking forward to seeing lovely things on your blog.
On Christmas Eve we always go to a neighboring church (our friend is the pastor) for their Christmas Cantata. It is nice to sit back and relax (since my husband is a pastor) & enjoy a service somewhere else for a change. Then we head over to the pastor's house for a feast of shrimp and lots of great food, head home, open one gift and relax together as a family.

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Hi Michele,
I love your blog. Well Christmas Eve is my birthday so we celebrate that and we always let the kids open a small gift. On Christmas we usually have cousins and there family over. Happy Holidays!

Anne said...

Hi Michele, Good luck with your new blog. I will post your site at mine which is fairly new as well.
We have many traditions in our family. The one I like most is that we get a small present for everyone in our house to be opened on the day we take the tree down. It encourages everyone to help tidy up and takes away some of the "Christmas is over" blues.
Another nice thing is that these gifts can be bought after Christmas so you can take advantage of the sales.

Vicki Palmer said...

Hi Michele,
My fondest memories of Christmas as a young girl with six siblings was to gather around the piano while my mother played Christmas carols as we sang along. I have always regreted not practicing my piano lessons so I could carry on this tradition. My mom has been gone 30 years but I will always remember how she always try to make Christmas a special time for us. Happy Holidays to you Michele & may the new year bring wonderful things your way.

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Michelle,
I enjoyed visiting your blog, everything is so lovely, thanks for sharing and I would love to enter your contest, count me in Happy Holidays to you and your Pinkie Denise

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Michele,
I enjoyed reading your blog, I came over from your friend I would love to enter your drawing and I am going to check out your shop, how fun thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays to you Pinkie Denise

stellarstamper said...

Hi Michele,

We spend the holiday season brianstorming what to make for each other, keeping it a secret, making it, hiding it, and trying to keep it a secret! We have so much fun! We also make cookies the entire season- because we keep eating them!